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Chemical Composition% W/VAnalytical Method
Nitrogen Total (N-Total)37,60%
Organic Nitrogen (N-Ureic)23,80%AOAC 959,03
Ammoniac Nitrogen (N-NH4)11,90%AOAC 920,03
Nitric Nitrogen (N-NO3)11,90%AOAC 892,01
Conditioners and Inert

Greenplants-N is a highly-efficient nitrogen solution, which has the three forms of nitrogen in balanced proportion that plants can assimilate, allowing full nutrition during the whole vegetative stages. One Single Fertilizer with three different sources of nitrogen: Rapid absorption, Medium absorption, Slow absorption.

Greenplants UAN is a liquid Multi-purpose Root and Foliar Nitrogenized Fertilizer. In Fertirrigation one liter per cubic meter of water supplies: 500 ppm of N-Total in its three forms. By foliage spraying apply 500cc per 100 liters when there is a
marked deficiency. In aerial applications for any crop with N deficiency, apply 3 liters per hectare. It is compatible with pesticides and other fertilizers. Always make prior compatibility tests.