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Chemical Composition% W/VAnalytical Method
Potassium (K2O)35,00%AOAC 958,02
Conditioners and Inert

Potassium is an essential element in the plant metabolic processes (photosynthesis, protein and carbohydrate synthesis). This element regulates the osmotic pressure as a motor for cell turgor, and therefore has an important incidence on the balance
between water and meristematic growth (nutrient mobility). Potassium is the most important element of vegetative growth, fruiting, ripening and fruit quality.

The development of the fertilizing molecule of the potassium ion on the basis of an organic acid “Hydroxy-tricarboxylic acid” (organic), allows the source of this element to be present mainly as a potassium solution in the soil, reducing this way the dependency on the type of clay. During foliar applications, the size and shape of the molecule as “Hydroxy-tricarboxylic acid of K” gives it capacity for translocation and mobility within the plant that favors the formation of citrates at the start of the Krebs cycle in exchange for low energy consumption in the process and therefore greater availability of the elemental ion in the formation of ATP.
The Hydroxy-tricarboxylic acid of potassium is an exclusive formulation of Green Plants that allows the potassium to be placed in a totally accessible way for the plant, thanks to the effects of the carboxylic acid integrated into this molecule.

Indicated for all types of crops