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Chemical Composition% W/VAnalytical Method
Sulfur (S)4,00%AOAC 980,02
Iron (Fe)6,00%AOAC 984,02
Chelate Agent6,00% AOAC 975,02
Water and Inerts84,00%

Greenplants Fe is a liquid chelate fertilizer of multiple, radicular and foliar usage. Most of the crops that grow in alkaline soil with high contents of Calcium show symptoms of lack of Iron, which is commonly known as “Iron Chlorosis”, affecting production due to lack of Chlorophyll, limiting the crop’s normal development.

Today, it is demonstrated that the Iron sources in its saline presentations have low availability for plants, when dealing with controlling lack of trace elements or due to external factors such as airing and clay contents in the soil.

For foliar application, ration 0.13 – 0.26 gallons in 52.8 gallons (0.5 – 1 L/200 liters) of water.
For soil application ration from 3.9 -5.2 gallons per 2.47 acres (15 – 20 L/ha).
For hydroponic crops, it is recommended to use 0.26 in 52.8 gallons (1 L/200 liters) of water for the “mother solution” and / or 0.10/ 52.8 gallons (40 cc/200 liters) of water in fertirrigation.

As a general dosage in pineapple, it is recommended to apply 1-2.6 gallons/ 2.47 acres in 528 gallons (4 – 10 L/ha in 2000 liters) of water. Apply 1 – 2 times at 15 day intervals according to nutritional requirements. In Citrus, apply 0.79- 1.3 gallons per
2.47 acres (3 -5 L/ha) in a volume of 422 gallons/ 2.47 acres (1600 L/ha) and in bananas apply 1-1.5 gallons per 2.47 acres 94 – 6 L/ha) in a volume of 158.5 gallons per 2.47 acres (600 L/ha).